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Stargazer Creation was started with the belief that people like to be surrounded by what makes them happy; beautiful things should be useful and useful things should be beautiful. Gifts, whether for someone or for yourself, don’t need to be costly, just thoughtful.

One of the first things I made was pink, one of my favorite colors; an apron, because I love to cook but don’t like taking stains out of my clothes from cooking or wearing damp clothes from washing dishes; and had an embroidered design of barista style beverage with foam and a heart, because one of my favorite stops would do that to my beverage.

What about you? Your friends? It doesn’t need to be perfect, just thoughtful. If you don’t know what is liked, ask. Who doesn’t like for a friend or loved one to be interested in their likes?!

Meet the stargazer team

Brandy Swanson

Brandy started sewing on her grandmother’s sewing machine that was powered by treadling! As a young military wife, she made many of her children’s clothes and household linens. She has been asked if there is any craft she doesn’t do! Brandy loves to create, to see how the thread colors and the embroidery stitches blend to make something beautiful!

Steve Swanson

Stephen is a former Army helicopter pilot. When he retired, in 2012, his wife and he purchased a sailboat. Then before leaving Duluth Minnesota for Florida purchased a sewing machine to maintain the rigging. When they arrived in Florida, he was hooked on sewing and added an embroidery machine to complement his heavy-duty machine.

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